Nearly everyone dreams several times a night. Whilst we don’t always remember the dreams we have, some dreams are more likely to be recalled than others.

Ones that involve danger are often in that category. So are dreams that include some form of excitement. And for most people, sex dreams count as excitement! But what do they mean?

Erotic dreams

The content of these R-rated or even X-rated dreams is too explicit to go into here but if you’re old enough to have erotic dreams, you’re old enough to be able to imagine what is included in them.

These are usually the rawest dreams we have – in lots of different senses – and usually reflect a sexual desire that we have. Sometimes this is a desire that we secretly have but haven’t shared with anyone. Sometimes it can be a sexual act that – deep down – we’d love to have but have suppressed for any one of a number of reasons.

If you find yourself having erotic dreams too often then either you’re a teenager and it’s therefore a perfectly normal part of growing up or your sex drive is higher than your actual sex life. I’m sure you can work out some ideas on how to satisfy that side of things, ideally without costing yourself too much in lap dance fees.

Nudity dreams

Not all sex dreams involve the actual act itself. Nudity dreams fall into this category.

Sometimes you may find yourself exposed and without clothes in a very public place. Quite often this can be interpreted as the manifestation of something that you’re concerned or worried about. The public nudity just takes it to a higher level than you’d encounter in real life. But the situation or location you find yourself nude in normally holds the clues as to the root cause of this problem.

Dreams about infidelity

Most often, dreams about being unfaithful to your partner are caused by a lack of satisfaction with your relationship at the time.

The problem could be sexual or it could be caused by stresses at work. It may also be because you and your partner have started to drift apart. Have a chat with them to see how you can remedy this or just pretend that you are courting them again to help bring the spark back into your relationship.

Celebrity sex dreams

If drooling over the latest celebrity moves from the occasional thought to seemingly every single dream is about getting off with Brad Pitt or Britney or whoever then you’re definitely experiencing celebrity sex dreams.

These could be because your life is currently a bit dull and boring. The idea of sex with a famous person brings with it the idea of more spice in your life. If that’s the case, work on that aspect of your life and see whether you can bring some of the benefits of these fantasies into your time with your partner. Role play may help with this – it’s not just nurses uniforms that can help in the bedroom!