Why should men be concerned with oral sex tips and providing oral sex for their wives? Because only 35% of women are able to climax from intercourse alone.

On the other hand, up to 60% of women can climax from oral sex. Men need good sex tips on oral sex because when oral sex is performed correctly, the percentage of women who can achieve orgasm soars. When a man wants to satisfy his woman, he will want to discover as many sex tips on oral sex as he can.

The problem is most men do not understand how to give oral sex to a woman. There are three big mistakes men make when giving oral sex to women. To understand these mistakes, men must understand their women – particularly their women’s most sensitive area: the clitoris.

The clitoris has more sensitive nerve endings in one pea sized area than a man has in his entire genital area. Where men need a harder touch, women need relatively microscopic movements to achieve the same feeling. Because men’s genitals are out and exposed to rubbing against clothing and dry air, they are relatively tough and need harder stimulation – on the other hand, women’s genitales are protected and generally not touched by clothing or air, so they are sensitive. This is another reason women are so sensitive on their clitoris and why they have different needs from men during oral sex. However, men misunderstand this, so they do what would feel good to them, which has the opposite effect on their women. This leads to the mistakes men make with oral sex:

Oral Sex Mistake Number 1: Too Intense. Many men like intense repetitive touch; so they automatically think women will like intense touch during oral sex. To feel what this might be like for a woman, take your tongue and repeatedly rub the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds. Notice how the roof of your mouth becomes raw and numb. A woman’s clitoris is 1000 times more sensitive than the roof of your mouth – so straight repetitive touching like this during oral sex will be unpleasant for her to say the least.

Oral Sex Mistake Number 2: Not Listening. Mistake number two men make when giving oral sex to their women is they do not listen to body language. When you are down there, you may notice her put a little pressure on one thigh or the other – or she may tilt her pelvis one way or another. During passionate moments, these movements are often misunderstood as “press into me harder”. However, what she is doing is directing you. The movements are small, so be on the lookout for them – the reason they are small is the area being stimulated and surrounding area is small. Very slight movements in position or angle can have a huge effect. So – you stay still and let her position herself where she wants. Just know this: when in fact she wants you to go harder or deeper, she will let you know.

Oral Sex Mistake Number 3: Unshaven Face. This one is a no brainer, yet many men make this mistake. Men need to shave before performing oral sex – make it close and make it clean. Men don’t like sand paper rubbed on their parts – and women don’t like it either. Do you have a goatee or a beard? Be sure not to trim it on a day you may be with your woman. Freshly shaved whiskers are like little sharp daggers. Additionally, wash your face and beard, then use cream rinse on it to make it as soft as it can be. She will appreciate it!

Avoiding these mistakes when giving oral sex to a woman will increase her pleasure immensely; her chances of having an orgasm during oral sex will be greatly increased; and she will want to be satisfied again and again. Men who discover the right oral sex techniques can become magnates for their woman’s desire and sex drive.