It really is hard to believe that a woman’s worries over how often she has sex can affect her emotionally and even physically.

What makes it even more difficult for a woman to determine if she is having sex often enough, is the sheer amount of statistical information that is available. Unfortunately, this information is generally inconclusive and only causes more confusion and worry.

How Much Sex is Normal?

There truly is not an answer to how much sex is enough, every woman is different. It is natural for a woman’s sexual desire to decline as she ages, and this will affect how often she needs sex to feel satisfied and content. It is normal for a younger woman though, to engage in sex more often in order to feel satisfied, since her sexual hormonal levels are higher. The aging process and sexual hormonal level are not the only factors the affect high much sexual intercourse is normal.

  • Major life events
  • Physical and emotional health
  • Medications
  • Childbirth
  • Severe grief or depression
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Stress

All of these can affect what is a “normal” amount of sexual intercourse for a woman. Many of these factors are temporary, and her sexual need and frequency may increase. There simply is no way to determine what a normal amount of sex is for a woman. Every woman is different in her needs and desires. If she is satisfied and fulfilled, then chances are she is leading a normal healthy sex life.

What Happens When a Woman is not having Enough?

At times in a woman’s life, she may feel like she is not getting enough sexual attention. When this happens over a long period of time, problems may begin to develop. When one partner is no longer interested in sexual intercourse problems will begin to develop in the relationship. The relationship could completely break apart, sexual needs could be met elsewhere, and often one or both parties are left with feelings of sexual inadequacy.

Unfortunately, sexual discussions still remain difficult for many couples, and one of them may not understand the strain the lack of sex is putting on the relationship. Sexual needs not being met is one of the leading underlying causes of divorce, and could often be prevented with open and honest discussions about sexual needs and desires.

Does Too Much Sex Affect A Woman’s Life:

For some women, sex can control and affect almost every aspect of their lives. This is not only true for some women, but for some men as well. Sex can begin to affect a person’s life when it becomes all consuming. When every thought and action is planned around sexual activities, then there could be a problem.

Sex addictions affect millions of people, and it is often seen as a shameful disease. Sex addiction is often diagnosed as an uncontrollable mental and physical need to have sex. Sometimes this need can override impulse control and sexual crimes can be committed.

Most of the time having too much sex simply interrupts other daily activities. Most cases of excessive sex can be treated with simple therapy.

There is no way to determine how much sex is enough sex in anyone’s life. Everyone has different needs and desires. If a woman is feeling satisfied and content sexually, then she is probably enjoying a normal and healthy sex life.