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I have 5 easy tips that you can apply straight away that will help you stay calm and focused on a hot date. I’ve had many dates and failed many times. That’s why I want to use my experience to help the people out there.

I know it’s a horrible feeling when the date you looked forward to so long melts on the date and becomes a disaster. It feels crap, and you cannot control yourself. Yes, I have done it many times.

Before we discuss the tips, does this apply to you?

Before you go on any date, you will feel nervous.

-You may find it difficult to sleep.

-You feel butterflies in your stomach

-You may find it hard to concentrate at work.

-You feel on top of the world, but you are scared the world will collapse on the day of the date

-You may feel your friends will laugh at you


1. First of all, you have to control your nervousness. This can easily be done by just being you. Don’t fell you have to act or try and impress the girl. If the girl doesn’t like you, then no matter how hard you act, she will find out your true self and dump you anyway.

2. Have fun. Don’t think negatively. Don’t think how bad your life will turn out if you don’t get the girl. This will make you more nervous and make the experience less enjoyable.

3. Think to yourself and say this “if I fail this time, it will hurt, but I will learn and next time I will perform better, and I will be an expert on dating sexy girls.”

4. Don’t worry if your friends laugh at you.

You should feel great because you had the guts to ask the girl out and they didn’t, so the jokes on them. You should be proud of what you have achieved. They are probably feeling bad about themselves, so to make them feel better, they try to put you down. You don’t fall into this trap.

5. Love yourself and be proud of how unique you are.

Don’t compare yourself to famous Hollywood hunks. They have their imperfections too. Most of them aren’t really nice people anyway, so why would you want to be like them. Train yourself to be honest and improve your personality. That’s what is most attractive about you! You being comfortable and happy about yourself!