We all have a friend or two who can’t upload a photo on Instagram or Facebook without first photoshopping it so much that you no longer recognize them. – Boredpanda

That tells you a lot about how society’s obsession with self-image is spurred on by the availability of technology. On the other hand, we’ve also got pals who aren’t afraid to show the world who they really are and love goofing about.

On the ‘Instagram Reality’ subreddit, you often get examples of people who go overboard with editing photos. But once in a while, you get examples of blissful people who love their bodies with all their (im)perfections, show how even the fittest person can look like a blob if the angle’s slightly wrong, and that there’s nothing wrong with that.

We’ve collected some of the most wholesomely honest pictures from r/Instagramreality, so scroll down, upvote your fave real Instagram photos, and let everyone know in the comments which pics you enjoyed most and why. Be sure to share this list with your friends, especially those who you know have a tendency to overshop their pictures because they’re unhappy with what they look like.